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Our Raw Material: The Threads of Our Thoughts

TRY THIS! This Week's Pillar: Resources (Week 10)

Try to be a resource wherever you can--even to yourself. If you can bring positive energy to a situation, then do it! It's that simple to offer subtle support. Think of paying it forward or knowing better and doing better. If you have the bandwidth to be kind, simply make that choice. Notice how good it feels to create the space for clarity and deeper breathing, personally and otherwise...

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Our Arena: 12 Pillars of Thought

 Advice From Apollo's Temple at Delphi:

Know Thyself
Nothing to Excess

    Surety Brings Ruin 


Interested in finding more purpose and meaning?

Enter the ORM Arena and discover your creative spirit!

 The Resources Pillar/Weekly Video

Find your Center with ORM! Tavish Carduff and/or Quan Tracy Cherry discuss the weekly focus and the magical ways in which the practice itself changes the way you feel about your life. The 12 Pillars become a fun part of living daily life as it replaces feelings of shame, anxiety, stress (the list is endless....) and replaces them with curiosity!

Bonus Video

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For Our Mind:

12 Pillars of Thought

Reflect on this week's Pillar


For Our Body:

Water, Breath & Alignment


Study yourself. Your impressions are the roots of everything!

Love, ORM

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