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QuanBlog Ignorance Summer 2021

Our Souls Say: There Is No Lost Cause Aka Ignorance Soul

ORM note: the following blog contains astrological references, please feel free to ask any questions in the comment section.

Friends and former partners have described what I do as I speak the language of Astrology that I 'cheat'. This past weekend (last day of ORM's Food week) I spent the afternoon taking weeds out of a friend's rose garden. She described that I shouldn't know as much as I do about others simply through knowing their 'Sun' sign aka 'date of birth'. From my radio days, I learned the art of the quick 'read's. Off the air a producer would get the listener’s birthday, time and city. I’d place the info in my computer program. I would read them ‘cold’ on the radio. I would have no other information. It was raw, sharp and mostly entertaining. It is estimated that 80%-90% of Americans know what sign they are born under. Here at Our Raw Material (ORM) our ‘cheating’ will be upon which week our thought practices focuses. ‘Cheating’ in ORM reality can represent our collective acknowledgement that our souls’ constantly send messages of one love, one heart and one peace. There’s only the ignorance caused by our superficial separateness.

'Knowledge is power'---I presume you've heard this phrase. This weekend when, yet again, I heard my chosen work & sacred art/language described as 'cheating', I asked these folx (a Baby Boomer & Millennial) to give me another word. Typically and defensively I say 'but, I share my knowledge (and by extension power) freely'. This statement often falls on deaf ears. Does a doctor 'cheat' when they diagnose you? How is specialized, but unfamiliar, knowledge seen as suspicious? Why is the shade cast towards Astrologers? How does it feel when you categorize ‘alternative’ medicine versus ‘complementary’ medicine? Doctors have 'insight' based upon their years of study. We agreed upon changing 'cheating' into 'insight'. Like 'awaring', 'insighting' is the act of offering one's knowledge to give your soul's perspective on our fundamental interconnectedness. Astrology is simply one way of doing this. ORM works in this manner too. Helping us become our own guides, looking within for answers, finding our authority within our souls.

'Numbers, Stars and Cards' represent my own combination of 'knowledge' from which any section of a conversation begins when I feel another's opening. No, I am different from the Long Island Medium who appears to walk up to a perfect stranger and she begins to 'read' them. This is Ignorance week, so I'll admit that these meetings are probably arranged by her producers. One of the reasons I call my interpersonal work 'sessions' instead of 'readings' is mainly that the former implies an interconnected and mutual vibe while the latter connotes a monologue where your participation is not expected or even warranted.

I'd argue it's because of mystery attached to anything sacred, not secular and feminine (unifying) and not entirely masculine (separating) is suspect our egos---that wants to stay in control through expressing half-truths. Like it is still okay to call someone 'weird', Astrology continues to be set up to prove its diagnostic worth. I have ceased to count the number of times I'll ask someone's birthday and they respond with their Sun sign. In my mind I tend to go to 'this is either and/or a non listening person or they do not trust (or want) th hear anything from me---which is cool by me. Long Island Medium with a flank of producers I am not, nor do I have (yet). Besides, there are a growing number of folx who want some diagnostic wisdom applicable to making their lives work more efficiently (talking to you Virgos & Aquarians, two of the human signs on the circle of animals aka 'zodiac').

Met an Aquarian on the Food Week's last day who owns and operates a bakery in midtown Kansas City. Like a number of Water Bearers (Aquarians) she thought she was a water sign. She almost felt crestfallen when I informed her that she was an air sign of thought and mind. Aquarius is tasked with containing their feelings to pour out judiciously onto a mostly thirsty population. When their feelings are not contained, they can have no filter, become fanatical and sadistic in their 'detachment'. Personal Truths can become mixed (no boundaries between facts/air & feelings/water) with Universal Truths (to be discussed further in Values & Ideals ORM's week 7). Everyone loses when the zodiac's community historian distorts and revises our history. Remember the South lost the Civil War, but won the story of the 'Lost Cause'---how do you explain the insurrection of January 6, 2021? Or the Confederate Monuments placed in common spaces decades after their loss of property and white supremacist lifestyle? Or our attachment to 'All Lives Matter'? Suppressing the teaching of 'Critical Race Theory'?

In a country's astrological chart (yes, anything you can identify a starting point in time and space possesses a chart and a week in Our Raw Material), the Moon sign represents the people, masses and mood of the country. July 4, 1776 our Moon sign was in Aquarius. When this concentrated air sign has little inclination to reflect upon its feelings, a result is often a dissonance, a split in their inner and outer realities. How can you build a country founded upon the freedom and sovereignty of the individual, but keep slaves? One perspective is that our collective ego was traumatized through the seven years of the Revolutionary War. Through this pain we forgot to contain when we decided to overlook and consider everyone's innate worth. We spread our trauma onto the NDN and Africans. Even our Bill of Rights went way off path with the Second Amendment (not to mention our ⅗ clause). Had any other country (most had slaves) canonized dehumanization? What had the Water Bearer brought in its 'Storefront Democracy'? Storefront Democracy is our ideals are in the window for every country to see and hopefully imitate. Our inventory is nonexistent. Ideals do not mesh with our values. Our history is rhyming. We've got to choose to create more stock in our democracy store---otherwise this experiment will end---taking the rest of the world with it.

ORM offers an alternative reality. Through each individual taking responsibility for their own reflective reality to balance their ego/individual best interest to their soul/collective's best interest. Personal freedoms (yang/masculine) not seen through a unified consciousness (yin/feminine) are destined to fail. How else do you explain our gun fetish? The so-called elder body of our US Senate cannot pass federal laws protecting the individual's right (yang) to vote (yin). Or universal background checks for gun ownership. Basic stuff, right?

Through recognizing what you do not know (or presume about what others' know) you can dismantle the intellectual superiority baked into an Aquarius framework. We all are called to be accountable for our individual role we continue to play in the half truths swallowed daily. As the 11th sign and the Age of Aquarius we're currently cusping on, we are tasked with becoming an Illuminated Individual. Knowing how to contribute to our chosen communities freely and responsibly. We are leaving the Pisces Age born of guilt, shame and imaginary 'sin'. When using the soul's voice, we are our own priest, judge, jury and executioner. When balancing the soul/ego, ideally we choose to reflect, examine and transform our continued attachment to childish narratives. We. Grow. Up.

We become enamored with everyone's spirit to live freely---generously offering our compassionate spirits---not judgments from a hostile sky god or patriarchal authority usually found in government or religion. We see our light. We see the light in others. We presume dignity in everyone's expression.

ORM is one way to practice our rooted interconnectedness. We can accept a cornucopia of 'Lost Causes' through failed relationships, ideals and thwarted livelihoods. We may not know how it'll all turn out, but we aspire to practice compassion, peace and trust founded upon unconditional & absolute love for ourselves and others. Now we can breathe as we create a more perfect union that moves beyond acceptance and tolerance. We live in Wholeness through allowing the light of Ego/Soul balance shine brighter than ever before---daily, moment to moment!

After all, "in the beginning the Word (Logos) said, 'let there be light'---we got light---talk about Our Raw Material in practice!



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