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About Our Raw Material

Balance Starts Here

Our Raw Material (ORM), at its core, is the ‘bones’ of every self-help book ever written. The practice allow us to hold balanced objectivity for ourselves and others, organically reframing the way we perceive our own experience and the intentions of others. 


Our Simple Structure:

12 Common Concepts (we call them Pillars)

 1 Natural Toolkit (we call this H2Om) 

consisting of Water, Breath and Alignment

Through the process we call ‘awaring’, (thinking, talking and/or writing about each concept and what it means in your own life), our thoughts become rooted in truth as we identify our own unique experiences as valid and necessary, allowing us to transform our wounds accept ourselves in Wholeness, and easily manifest  intentions that are aligned with our values.


Akin to the ancient concepts of Yin and Yang, our Soul Energies and our Ego Energies each have a story to tell. They occupy equally valuable space in our mind and body. Begin to intend balance by giving each perspective a listen...


Tavish Carduff

Healer, Astrologer, Writer

Tavish is available for energy healings, soul/ego guidance, and soul-based astrology readings.  Tavish and Quan also do a combined session for channeled healing.  Group and individual settings are available. 

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Quan Tracy Cherry

Astrologer, Writer, Healer

Quan is available for astrology and tarot, along with a host of other types of readings, all deeply rooted in soul-ego guidance. Quan and Tavish also do a combined session for channeled healing. Group and individual sessions are available.  

With gratitude, for contributing yourselves and your work to make this possible

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Jennifer Ketz
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