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The ORM Pillars

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Imagine yourself standing in the middle of a circle defined by each of the 12 ORM Pillars, Colosseum-style. As you define and deepen your relationship with each pillar, it becomes fortified with your natural essence. The circle gains strength gains your strength, it becomes an energetic barrier, transforming lingering feelings of shame and blame into useable energy, and supporting an intricate matrix of understanding

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Who helped shape your thinking? 

Sacred Geometry Vector2.jpg


What role has music played throughout

your life?

Sacred Geometry Vector19.jpg


Have your basic needs always been met? How have you been nourished? 

Sacred Geometry Vector5.jpg


How much of all that there is to know do you believe that YOU know?

Sacred Geometry Vector4.jpg


How do you handle emotions in your body? In your mind? In your environment?

Sacred Geometry Vector8.jpg


‘To whom do you listen?’ Do you listen with your heart/whole body or do you listen while simultaneously preparing your answer? 

Sacred Geometry Vector20.jpg

Values & Ideals

Do you have a distinct set of values that you use to make decisions? Do you have a clear picture of what "ideal" means to you?

Sacred Geometry Vector13.jpg


How do you resolve issues within your self? Within your environment?

With other people? 

Sacred Geometry Vector7.jpg


Do you have a sense of what you want out of life? Out of work? Out of relationships?

Sacred Geometry Vector1.jpg


What do you have in abundance? What are you lacking? How does your environment support your intentions?

Sacred Geometry Vector6.jpg

Aligning with Intention

How do you regularly make choices that align with your intentions?

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How can you live in the moment accepting every moment as a teachable one from your soul’s perspective?

Stay Rooted!

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