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Week 10

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To what degree are you able to recognize this statement as true? “My own considered thoughts are my best resource, personal or otherwise” -ORM


We all have at least a vague idea of what the word RESOURCES means to/for us on many different levels: Personal (demeanor, for example), Natural (from water and air to individual gifts and talents), Community (people we ‘trust’, Spiritual, Financial, Family, etc. It becomes easy for us to take our own resources for granted if they are generally present when needed, just like our ability to breathe. And just as using intention while breathing will increase body awareness, adding intention around identifying our available resources will heighten our awareness around everything that is truly at our disposal, not just what we can see at first glance. Acknowledging resources can become a meditative practice because it moves our root connections closer to feelings of universal security, even though it doesn’t appear to change any current conditions.


1. What does the concept of Resources actually mean to you?

2. How often do you take the time to simply and intentionally hold appreciation for the things that are made available to you?

3. When you find yourself lacking or in need in a certain area of life, how willing are you to use your resources/ask for help?

4. How often do you take stock in your ability to be a resource to others and evaluate ways you can be a resource to others?


Consider the things that have been running through your mind lately that require some type of action. This is a great time to make a list if that’s your thing! Gather 5-10 action items and come back to the Effort Questions. Evaluate each item in the following sequence:


1. Do you have the ability to approach/deal with it right now?

2. Are you the best (or only) person for the job?

3. What effect can you have/produce/create with this situation?

4. Does it require and/or would it be better with the assistance of others?

5. Do you have access to the resources necessary for the job?

6. If not, do you have sources in your communities that can provide the resources your subject requires?

7. Do you need/want to spend any time setting intentions around any of your resources?


These questions are designed to organize the subject matter in a way that sets the emotion around it to the side while you figure things out, thereby allowing your objective assessment of any steps that need to be taken on each matter. The more time you spend considering the potential options, the greater your network of resources will become. If you are able, talk with people about resources this week - determining what they have and what they need . Pay attention to what types of emotions show up around the people you love as you spend time acknowledging their personal and individual “resource-ability” :)

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