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ORM Philosophy

We draw the idea for Our Raw Material: A Thought Practice from a principle in Nature; that the more simple anything is, the less liable it is to be disordered, and the easier repaired when disordered;

and with this maxim in view, we offer a few remarks on the theories and concepts that went into the design

Adapted from Common Sense, Thomas Paine, 1776

The development of this therapeutic thought practice has taken several different forms as the concept has presented itself over the last several years. Ultimately, this simple pattern feels like the natural product of the ever-evolving philosophical and metaphysical conversations many of us have been having with ourselves and the people around us for a very long time. Our intention is to have them lead us out of wonder and into understanding.


Maya Angelou offered the idea that if you know better, you do better, which is absolutely true as a passive observance,

but what happens if we actually turn it into a verb? When you know better, you make an intentional choice to do better. This intention allows those of us who truly don’t seem to know better a much safer space for ignorance to land. This will support its transformation to knowledge with dignity vs. the shame that normally collects in these spaces while we are engaged defensively. We are unaware of what is actually collecting in our physical bodies because we aren’t breathing for clarity - our efforts are stuck trying to ‘move past’ or ‘get over’ the situation, instead of breathing into it.


Awaring’ is what we call the process or state of perpetually seeking/being in Wholeness. There's an aligning of seriousness and silliness in Awaring. Through our soul's perspective we recognize and pay homage to how everyone and everything is connected. Once that light is turned on from within, and we begin awaring, we are able to better manage the rhythms of our ego's energies, as it becomes impossible to ignore the steady resonance of the soul’s voice. As we invite all of our fractured pieces into our concept of who we are, our self-judgment softens, and we are able to recognize that we truly are perfect in every single moment, as our experience holds as much value as our reactions to it.


In the development of this practice, we have considered the Laws of Man, the Laws of the Universe and everything in between. We have arrived at a few assumptions we’d like to share as the philosophical underpinnings of this work, connecting each human’s set of Raw Material at its very fabric, thereby making the entirety of the Material a part of each of us - ‘Our Raw Material’, collectively. We hold the belief that the Soul and the Ego will work in harmony when we actively acknowledge ourselves in Wholeness, no matter how many flaws we can identify and how many “wrong” choices we have made and/or continue to make, big and small. That balance supports our inner healer, connects us with our passion, and allows us to clear the energetic debris that has deposited in our bodies over the span of a day or the course of a lifetime.


‘Common Sense’ varies widely among individuals and it’s connotation is unique to each human. If we take a step back from applying our own idea of what should be Common Sense to others’ situations, we can allow the scales of the Soul and the Ego to rest in balance, rather than our human tendency toward tipping in judgment. We can stop producing additional fear and defensive energy. We can facilitate shifting our collective focus to a more receptive place for breaking down ignorance and find inventive ways to help people who aren’t prepared to do anything but react defensively, to transform those reactions into something more productive.


1. Humans operate 2 equally valuable energy systems inside their bodies - their Soul and their Ego

2. The Ego Energies act as an energy, a voice, a scale and a protector

3. The Soul Energies act as an energy, a voice, a scale and a protector

4. Each human is inherently perfect at all times (Wholeness)

5. Each human’s degree of awareness of their connection to everything else is uniquely designed through their own individual experience and perspective

6. We cannot know the experience of another unless we remove our own judgment and listen

7. We should not decide what another human should know or do (except for laws of man)

8. Each human experiences their own connection uniquely and other humans complement our experience (laws of nature). We each come from common connected energy.


We are each going to feel hurt feelings. We are each going to hurt someone’s feelings.

We are each going to feel defensive.

We are each going to cause others to feel defensive.

Imagine if we considered OTHERS without the categorizations of gender, race, religion, education, political affiliations, social class, income, etc.. What if we measured solely on a scale of whether a person is operating and reacting out of primarily soul-based energy or ego-based energy, in any given moment. We all operate both the Soul and the Ego, so the perspective of each is important in determining our assessments and judgments.


When we talk about SOUL ENERGY - it is as an Energy, a Voice, a Scale, and/or a Protector

When we talk about EGO ENERGY- it is an Energy, a Voice, a Scale, and/ or a Protector

The soul recognizes experience, not characterizations of good/bad, and it definitely doesn’t recognize fear. All fearful thoughts are ego-based and as humans, we have thousands of them daily. IT’S ALL OKAY and part of our WHOLENESS. Once we accept this, we can work to understand our reactions, without getting caught in the shame around just having them to begin with! Even if we don’t outwardly show them, or acknowledge them easily within ourselves.


Our true and deep awareness of our connection to “God” (or whatever you choose to call this connected energy) comes through the honest discovery of our own heart; accessing our soul and seeing how beautifully it harmonizes with our ego - especially if that is our intention!  If we look to our VALUES and IDEALS for growth (individual and collective) and allow IGNORANCE to exist as a neutral or opportunity for education, we help prepare the space for ALIGNING WITH INTENTION as we PERSIST with knowing better and doing better so those who don’t can have space to breathe...


We are each the architects of our own lives, protectors and promoters of our individual Souls and our Individual Egos. When we prioritize their care, we find a natural inclination to inspire their growth and support, as well. The power of that RESOURCE will only continue to grow as we continue to use it.


Study yourself.

Your impressions are the roots of everything.

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