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Week 2

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OUR OPENING ACT Listen for a song playing in the background of your thoughts. Clear your mind and note the first three songs that come to mind. What significance do they hold in your life right now? Any past connections? Where do those thoughts lead you?

HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE? If you had to rate music’s importance in your life on a scale of 1 to 100, how does it rate? Does any music make you feel a connection to something outside of or bigger than yourself?

WORD UP! Are there any song lyrics that you use as part of your personal philosophy in life? Creating a personal “lyric bible” can help identify the values and ideals that support the intentions that you want to infuse with specific energy.

WITH A LITTLE LOVE, WE CAN WORK IT OUT Write about your relationship with music. Start with the first thing that enters your mind...

TAKE A MAGIC CARPET RIDE Think back to your earliest musical memories. Make a note of any music/lyrics/artists that show up in the background of your thoughts. Let your imagination and creativity rise to the surface as you journey to the beat of your own musical roots. Use any of the following questions for thought and/or writing prompts:


1. Did your parents listen to music?

2. Did/do you like what they introduced to you?

3. Did you have any enthusiasts around who were quick to play DJ?

4. Were you eager to listen?

5. What are your first memories of discovering music for yourself?, separate from your early childhood?

6. Can you remember your first concert?

7. Are there any stories connected to it?

8. Can you remember your first album/cassette/cd/mp3 or playlist?

9. How do you feel about that music now?

10. Do you feel there were any expectations or limitations placed around your appreciation of music?

11. Do you have any formal or informal musical training?

12. What about natural ability?

13. Are there music teachers listed among your mentors

14. Are you more attuned to lyrics or music?

15. Have any artists/groups had a significant effect on your thinking and if so, why?

16. What other questions show about music in your life?

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