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Week 11

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“If you can tune into your purpose and really align with it, setting goals so that your vision is an expression of that purpose, then life flows more easily” -Jack Canfield


Consider you values and ideals around the intentions you have identified for yourself in the past two weeks:

1. How often do you spend time thinking about your intentions?

2. Are those thoughts mostly positive in nature, or do you lean towards a more negative guiding voice?

3. Do you spend time in fear or worry? If so, can you see where fearful and/or worried thinking pulls your energies away from your intentions?

4. Think about your top intentions in your life right now and identify the ways you do and don’t support those intentions from each of these perspectives:



As you ponder different ways to strengthen your alignment with your intentions, spend some time deep in those thoughts identifying qualities, values and goals you would use to craft your own personal mission statement. Write a mission statement for your life’s purpose as you see it right now, knowing in your soul that this statement may be revised and reworked at any point in time and you are only committed to this moment. If you have already begun carving this personal expression, check what you’ve previously written and see how well it lines up to your current values and ideals. Write your mission statement at least 3 times. Does it feel true from your roots? Change it as needed, while you observe your own intentions and the intentions of those around you.


How often do you decide what someone else “should have done”, even though you don’t know them or the circumstances around their decision. How often do you anticipate a motive for someone else? How often do you create a negative backstory for someone you don’t agree with based on nothing but your imagination? We all do it daily because our brains are designed to fill in the blanks. Spend some time this week observing how your own ignorance can set you up for miscommunication. This can facilitate an incredible emotional release for repressed anger - especially towards people who aren’t available to apologize, physically or emotionally.


As Buddha says, “Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it”.

Finding purpose is nurtured by insight and attention.

When you can truly see the benefit to yourself and others, the path becomes more clear for the intention to take root. Your nurturing thoughts will feed the intention. Your care and consideration around your thoughts will lead you to deeper insights about your intentions and a sharper ability to see your roots connect to

available Resources,

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