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Week 6

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How much awareness and effort do you put into your own listening skill set?

LISTENING includes everything you hear with your ears PLUS things you don’t - consider your thoughts, sensations felt in the body, reading other people’s body language and/or inflection.


Do you pay attention to your ‘inner voice’?

Do you trust the information that comes from that voice?

Does it say mostly positive or negative things about you and your choices?

Can you think of a time when that voice steered you in a direction that really paid off?

How often do you accept inner guidance?

Do you listen to your physical symptoms for meaning?

How about your Dreams?

Meaningful coincidences?


ROOT IT OUT Invite your inner voice as you write (or think) about your ongoing relationship with listening: both hearing and being heard. Keep your pen to paper until there is a natural break in the information coming through you. Review your words and recognize any areas you’d like to improve and then set an intention to put them in practice.

THE EFFORT Honestly evaluate your listening skills Figure out what types of things/people/information/ sounds/etc you spend your time actively listening to, and what ‘noise’ makes up the climate that your subconscious is currently exploring by asking yourself the following questions (and any others that present as you're thinking on these nuggets).


1. What sources of information do you trust?

2. Whose opinions do you really listen to?

3. Do you have friends/family who you habitually tune out, missing their message?

4. Is there anyone that you hang on their every word?

5. How well do you listen in conversations?

6. Has anyone ever voiced an opinion on your ability/inability to listen?

7. Do you listen with the intention of understanding what is being said?

8. Do you find yourself trying to make points about other people’s word choices?

9. Are you a ‘corrector’?

10. Are you able to accept words in the manner they are intended?

11. Are you able to recognize and repair misunderstandings in the moment?

12. Do you interrupt when you don’t agree with what is being said?

13. Do you let the person finish before expressing your opinion?

14. Do you ask for clarification when you find words confusing?

15. Are the things you hear from others mostly positive or negative?

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