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Week 9

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From The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine:

If a man be the enemy of another from mistake and prejudice, as is in the case of religious opinions and sometimes in politics, that man is different to an enemy at heart with a criminal intention; and it is incumbent upon us, and it contributes also to our own tranquility, that we put the best construction upon a thing that it will bear.


It’s an amazing feeling to have a working understanding of your values and ideals, but clarity around our intentions requires a little more effort. There are things that we know we want, of course, but identifying where we actually put our time and energy speaks more about our true intentions than anything we can dream about accomplishing. Pay attention to where your efforts get channeled in a day. Do they line up to the things that you want?


How often do you hear someone offer a reason for their behavior and immediately you or someone else dismisses the reason outright because it’s not among the reasons we had placed around their intentions.


Begin by making a quick list (or not - whatever floats your boat) of some ideas you would like to see become a reality. These could be improvements at home or work, great parking when you need it, a peaceful day, open doors for opportunities, etc.

Whether it is big or small, placing our attention on our intentions helps us identify where we WANT to be placing our energy so that we can get to the business of actually Aligning With the Intentions that matter to us. Choosing those which serve both our Egos and our Souls - by natural design.


1. Identify something you want to materialize.

2. Affirm what you want by recognizing how this will improve your life, and ask if it will improve the lives of others

3. Use positive, and empowering language.

4. Be specific and use present tense.

5. Write your intention statement.

6. Close your eyes and visualize the intention being met. Take the time to really feel it.

7. Spend a moment in gratitude for your many gifts and blessings, including the intention you just rooted.

8. Get out of the way.

9. Do not try to calculate the manner in which your intention will come to be. This part is none of your business at this point.

10. This is a creative exercise, not logistical.

11. Enjoy planting different intentions into the world so that they may take root!

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