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QuanBlog Conflict Summer 2021

Internal Conflict

Every person has at least one or more internal conflicts. In an ideal world, Our Raw Material (ORM) strives to simplify your daily life. Through consistent self-monitoring, that is, awaring, your life becomes a guide to how to live with increasing unity and peace. After focusing upon Values and Ideals (with a dose of Ignorance to give ‘benefit of the doubt’ to others), we arrive at Conflict.

Through Conflict each of us get the opportunity to sharpen ourselves, to cut away what and who is not serving our shared roots. Yes, it can be painful to realize that those closest to you may have a different idea about what and how your life is constructed. For example, it is easy to get caught up in the ego and its collective musings about whether someone is ‘Black enough’, ‘Feminist enough’, ‘Queer enough’, ‘Male enough’, ‘Brown enough’. As it is said in Italian, ‘Basta!’ Enough of these egocentric measurements. In the timeless realm of our souls, none of this matters. What matters is how can these apparent separations create conflict. Then, how do we resolve these conflicts?

An ideal I hold is how can we first see and live life from a place of unity? Can we be all part of a harmonious choir, diverse and discordant, but whose goal is to sing in one voice? We choose to practice seeing another’s perspective. We choose to overcome the past and its retelling of wounds. We discuss ways to integrate our internal conflict. Discussion can be an ego and soul dialogue that we only know about. ORM has taught me to extend my soul’s vision to everyone I meet. In a very real manner, not only has my blood pressure dropped, but I’ve had strangers of a different race comment on my tee shirts, shoes, etc. As my frequency has transformed and my open heart leads my opening mind, there has been less conflict inside---and therefore, less conflict outside.

As you read these words and/or practice ORM realize that everyone on the planet is searching within for their own authority. Sure, religion and spirituality may guide, but application, like Black Lives, matter. Pun aside, it is important to reach within and challenge your ego with difficult thoughts around conflict. Be it race, gender, sexuality, orientation, class or religion to simmer in guilt or shame serves the ego. Our souls know that we choose the physical vehicle in which to have these extremely profound lessons in shared roots. ‘We Shall Overcome’, although a rallying cry for the 20th century US Civil Rights movement, tells a tale of ‘overcoming’ ego. I’d maintain Conflict is not about overcoming, but about integrating ego and soul or light and darkness. Duality that breeds Conflict has to be transcended. Or a problem cannot be solved at the same level (or in the same dimension, perhaps?) on which it was created. On the soul scale, light and dark are complimentary and unified. Conflict ceases. A timelessness ensues. However, as long as you have a physical body, there will be someone who’ll say you’re too light, dark, fat, black, white, red, queer, non-conforming, etc. It is how you respond to what is said (and projected) that like Black Lives matter.

Consistently, I have an internal conflict of when to speak to ‘microaggressions’ and when not to. However, as I integrate my soul’s awareness into my daily life, paradoxically, I have felt and seen less of these so-called mishaps from an American culture steeped in white supremacy. Of course our system needs transformation. Our inner system of ego and soul needs a new foundation too. To lose the trappings of ego demands a recognition of all humans regarding the inner conflict based upon the illusion of separateness. For this to happen, we must ask ourselves---what do you get out of a hierarchical order based upon war and conflict? How do you recognize what you have in comparison to others without guilt or shame? What do you do on a daily basis to free yourself from the ego’s defenses? How can you allow your soul’s authentic voice to guide you in conversation? Can you make room for someone else’s ignorance without blowing a conflict out of proportion? Are you aware that your physical body can store emotional stress and conflict? If so, which parts of your physical body do you store conflict in? When the conflict is based upon society and/or its ideals, are you able to pause and listen instead of placing blame? How can you reframe the conflict or use impersonal hypotheticals or metaphors to diffuse the situation?

Neither ORM or I pretend to have all of the answers. Know this, though---since I’ve been performing this natural thought practice I have begun to see humanity in an entirely new light. Bringing light to any thorny issue or conflict increases your vulnerability. Simply willing to be seen as ‘wrong’ can be one way our egos accept and recognize the voice of our souls. It is no mistake that Ignorance, Conflict and Wholeness are not only the Physical plane but they are three unified parts of the proverbial fat lady singing. We have reached the end of an era. Our manifest destinies are not only shared, but they are not external use of the physical world’s resources ala 19th century. Our destinies manifest from within through the consistent unifying of our independent egos with our rooted souls. The gold is not in them thar hills---unless those hills are built upon the soul’s soil and foundation. Conflict must be solved from inside out---and our world will continue to improve in ways that we can scarcely imagine at present. Ya know, you can always go back to last week and revise your ideals to include ‘World Peace’, just sayin’

How will you overcome the conflicts in your life? Will you make Intentions (next week) to do so?



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