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QuanBlog Emotion Summer 2021

Each time I get to Week 5 aka ORM Emotions, I cannot help but think of Mariah Carey’s single ‘Emotions’. As much as I try not to, I continue to---it is akin to the thought process of ‘do not think about an elephant’ and your mind imagines an elephant.

We often think about what we don’t want to feel. What and who has pissed us off, the lost driver, the hovering parent, mate or spouse, the unappreciative folx in our sphere. They get us to feel emotions. Or do they? Is it not a question of our own ignorance? Do we not know what’s really going on in their lives? Or do we cease to look deeper into the roots of our interconnectedness? Have we ceased eating with those closest to us? Do we not share the same musical tastes? Or do we cringe at their music? Do we look at their mentors and family patterns? Answering ‘yes’ to any of these questions will have you feeling some energy. The more you see the negative in others, the more you are fertilizing the shared soul soil with energetic ‘poison’.

Change your thoughts, change your life. Consciously transform your thoughts through contemplation and personal responsibility, and you’ll see yourself come from the grounded qualities found in your soul’s voice. Remember that our souls witness the ego’s defenses, those walls being built brick by brick. Sometimes the soul gives us a jackhammer or hides the cement to breakthrough or prevent building those walls in the first place. I’ve learned with each successive ORM cycle to check my ego at the door. Doesn’t mean I always succeed, yet, there’s a consistency of spending less and less time getting drawn into full on egocentric drama. Typically, the ego looks only to the surface of things---it’s not called ‘saving face’ for nothing. Our faces are how we are initially identified. ‘Pretty is, as pretty does---and pretty can be pretty ugly sometimes’. That’s an ego voice bridging the gap to our souls (or acting as a protector to listen to the soul). However you see each face, it is important to know what sits behind the face---our brain. Beautiful alien organ, our brains--yet I feel it is our necks that need more of our focus. Our necks ‘connect’ our rational brain to our bodies---our souls (and rooted feelings placed in action as emotions---energy in motion) emanate through an open heart. Without a heart we have little-to-no courage to speak, see or speculate, even on our own personal truths. We cease to discern our universal truths and ideals (Week 7) apart from our feelings. Typically, when we ‘act out’ in a way that our mentors do not understand or approve of, we begin to question our validity, our humanity--and quickly. We separate at the neck. Remember that Zoloft commercial where the cartoon character held her head in a balloon? That’s how our ego can conspire (without intention--that’s just it’s job) to cut us off from our soulful heart.

Yes, you can sing Mariah and be feeling emotion. The more challenging task demands that you get to the root of feeling---allowing your soul to create a protected, soulful space to cry, shout and lament. Or your soul can demonstrate through mind flashes to create art, love and music from your pain. Cliched as it may sound---’great art comes from pain’. However, when you love the essence of who you are, joy can create great art too. Love and wisdom born of experience do not have to be mutually exclusive. As a matter of precision, our souls often teach us through paradox. After all, how do you explain ‘cast your bread upon the waters & it will return to you tenfold’? Seems like from the ego’s vantage point, you’ll have more bread if you do not share it. When you have an impulse to ‘pay it forward’ and perform those ‘random acts of loving kindness’, these feelings are soul-sourced--detached, objective and wise beyond the ego’s vision. It is not from a ‘look how generous you can be’, it is from ‘I feel our roots, our shared connection---our common story’. The ego can have you believing that you can feel superior to individuals while still loving humanity. This is how you can symbolically live with your head in a Zoloft cartoon bubble and/or feel disconnected from your heart. The soul’s synthesis is sourced through the heart leading the mind. No longer can you live in the delusion or ignorance that rational thought will ever be enough. Our soulful feelings are ‘trans-rational’ or beyond the intellect and the continuous ‘saving face’ or appearance driven ego. We see, communicate and show up (which is ego-centered). Ego lives in this dimension of time and space. A danger is separating from or acting as if this physical dimension is all there is. It is not. Our souls know. Our hearts know. Our need to return to source, to our roots, knows this. When harmony is felt and reflected upon in your physical environments, you can bet your soul has guided you---through dismantling one brick of the ego walls of defenses.

Instead of Mariah Carey this Emotions week, I’m going to focus upon The Emotions---a female counterpart discovered by Earth, Wind and Fire. Each of the four elements in astrology---Fire, Earth, Air (Wind) and Water (Emotions). Their souls knew how to name this group as if you look at some of their album art, they depicted ‘pay it forward’ Jupiter on some of them. I like to think and feel that Jupiter acts as a soul’s voice symbolizing the bounty of resources when we live consciously lessening our attachment to our ego’s defensive dictates. And, I call Jupiter, ‘Juprah’ after iconic Oprah Winfrey who is known for saying---’you get a car!’ and ‘you get a car!’ and so on---our souls are the driver of these cars represented by our egos. The road and direction we choose requires patience, practice and humility while giving our feelings secure and structured space to exist in wholeness.



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