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QuanBlog Ignorance Week Winter 2020


Ignorance is bliss. Yeah, right. Do I presume to want bliss? My ego longs to be engaged in whatever it chooses to be at whatever time, mostly. After the Insurrection of early this month, I’ve been waiting for the other proverbial shoes to drop. That is not bliss. Ha. Once I’ve realized that we may never know the full extent of what happened, ORM has been taught to relax in what I do NOT know, sometimes a difficult feat for a western mind based upon rationalism.

What helps (at times) is that I’ve seen thought and intuition on a spectrum, from rational to irrational, plus what I do not know. When my soul downloads intuition, it is not irrational. No binaries. I call this mix ‘transrational’, beyond or bridging the gaps in knowledge. Trust is a major factor, as is faith, both of which let my ego know that it cannot possibly contain or know everything. Definitely makes me less of an egghead know-it-all and more of a person who aligns his head (rational) and heart (transrational) or an ego and soul. And, bliss is closer than I’ve imagined.



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