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QuanBlog Intention Week Winter 2020

Tavish and I were recording for next week’s Resources and she mentioned a cover that The Supremes did of a Beatles tune. I had seen a similar blog about it but we both couldn’t remember the name of the song. En Vogue’s ‘Yesterday’ is one of my favorite covers. Tavish hadn’t heard it. When I returned home, I looked it up (aka googled it). It was ‘Come Together’. The name of the LP was ‘New Ways But Love Stays’. Talk about a take on the ego-soul scale of balancing life.

However, I'd ask ‘Where Is The Love?’ It’s easy to recognize the het-norm erotic kind---after all love between the sexes is common, basic, it be everywhere. How about the more uncommon kind of love? You know the other 95 varieties that the Greek spoke so fondly about? I’ll start with agape aka unconditional love---once the hormones have steadied doesn’t this kind keep the relationship going through the colder times. Tell me, how do you get to ‘death do you part’? So many distractions, so many apps. Time for a come to Jesus meeting, huh? Can I be both detached from outcome and the material world & still want to look at your ass in some tight jeans?

Learning how to enjoy the fruits of the physical world without getting lost in it is an admirable feat. Falls right in the not-so good book says ‘the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak’. They might as well have written, keep a chastity belt on it (or at least a jock strap). Someone made you do it, yes? Like the catcher is seen as feminine or being made bitch out of---bottom shaming exists if for no other reason that it is depicted as feminine/yin/she. Therefore, to allow someone inside of you is submissive and weak. Yet, how much life come out of the female body. Sounds like men be a bit bitter. I remember my mother saying ‘if your father could have birthed you, he would have’. Dad might have been an Eisenhower Replican because after we arrived it was business as usual. Like most men born at a certain time, children were seen as little more than chattel slaves. At best, most cis het men saw their children as extensions of their egos, possibly ‘elevation by descendants’. There’s a better way to say what I’ve just said, however, I’m not going to dally. A major point in enjoying the physical world and to live new ways with love is to give less than a damn about what other people think---particularly one’s parents.



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