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TavBlog Resources Spring 2021

Definition of Oracle (according to Merriam-Webster):

1a: a person (such as a priestess of ancient Greece) through whom a deity is believed to speak;

1b: a shrine in which a deity reveals hidden knowledge or the divine purpose through such a person;

1c: an answer or decision given by an oracle.

2a: a person giving wise or authoritative decisions or opinions;

2b: an authoritative or wise expression or answer.

My mother’s side of the family claims Noah Webster in their lineage. I have a memory as a child of touring his home and feeling an Ego Pride around the connection, even though I was far removed from any actual familiarity. I was made aware of the root so I nourished it with feelings of acceptance and pulled Noah’s accomplishments into my own as if they were a part of me. I have always loved words and I wonder for the first time if those two feelings aren’t entwined at their root. If I hadn't felt tied to the property (and the dictionary by proxy), I might not even remember having been there because I was so young. Awareness of my own connection deepened the experience for me and quite possibly mentored my fondness for the many meanings a word can express. It definitely makes me feel like I have a license to play with the meaning to suit intentional perspective (Hi Mentors).

I’ve always valued deep experiences, and at the same time I enjoy humor in most any form. I can see the ego’s abject absurdity and the soul’s desire for mind/body recognition as equal parts of the true wholeness of every single human being, no matter who they are or where they come from. Allowing my awareness to grow about how these two energies exist in the same space has been an intentional practice of mine for the last few years and I am eager to share a way to access the magic that exists for each of us inside that simple perspective. Resources Week encourages us to accept the things about ourselves that are GOOD, whether we like it or not. We learn to value our own good qualities (as well as those of others) and set intentions around using them to know better and do better as we move through life.

I, along with Quan, have spent a lot of time in observance of the human condition. Our collective experience with astrology, healing, energy work and Ego/Soul Balance puts us in the unique position to be able to introduce the structure and form of Our Raw Material as we hold the intentional space for its natural use. We feel that we did not create this practice, so much as ‘uncover’ it, bringing back my earliest career desire - to be an archaeologist. I’ve been calling myself an energetic archaeologist this year and it feels like a good fit for what I do. Until ORM, I never gleaned meaning from my archaeology desire because I had no interest in doing the actual work required. Maybe I liked the idea of receiving credit for a great discovery? Perhaps 45 years later, it was foreshadowing of a moment to come. I have no way of knowing for sure, but the idea resonates from deep within, lending credibility to the possibility...

Our Raw Material is succinct in its order, and endless in granting access to profound power that is available within each of us. As a primary resource for Soul/Ego Balance, this basic structure can be pulled from practically any self-help book in one form or another. It exists underneath all of our ego considerations as a tool for both energies (Ego and Soul) to find balance in accepting our Wholeness with joy and satisfaction. This activates the filter that clears the energetic debris we hold in our bodies allowing real transformation for the spaces that were once used to collect our unexplored and/or overused emotions.

Since we are each so different based on our unique life and experience, anything but a simple structure seems insufficient to work for everyone who gives it a real opportunity. In an attempt to define our own roles in the process, it became difficult to claim original authorship. This practice encompasses all intentions for the availability and use of universal energy (soul) as perceived through the individual experience (ego), as it relates to the collective. At any given time the collective is at its own state of balancing the Ego/Soul scales, regardless of its ability to be aware of the same.

That can seem like a lot of space to hold all at once, but with ORM practice, our vibration becomes elevated naturally, making each of us our own individual Oracle when we are balanced. When our Ego/Soul Scales are both given equal consideration, that inner voice can be trusted because it has been intentionally filtered through the Soul’s Voice and the Ego’s Voice.

In arriving at our ORM titles, we’ve settled on The Oracles of ORM. We do not plan to be the only ones, but at the moment we stand at the door, holding the space for introduction and inviting the employment of the magic that exists within each of us as we discover what this practice means for our own life, separate from the experience of others’, but connected by our underlying wholeness.

As a resource for humanity, and as ORM Oracles, Tavish and Quan stand at the door, ready to answer questions until you feel secure answering them for yourself, as you become your own perfect Oracle of this practice. As with some other words, we are redefining the Ideal of Oracle to include our own practiced abilities to interpret this natural thinking cycle for our own growth, and to support the growth of those around us.

Taking poetic license with Merriam-Webster’s definition of Oracle (2a: a person giving wise or authoritative decisions or opinions), we have adopted the title as our current role with ORM, knowing there are many more Oracles of ORM to be named as the practice grows.

Definition of Oracle of ORM:

1a. Anyone who practices ORM for Soul/Ego Balance and has experienced the power in a way that creates significant change in the perception and acceptance of our human differences, recognizing that each of us brings a lifetime of personal experience to this threshold. We stand at the door, inviting human energy to find space for transformation - however it may - within a simple and natural thought pattern. ORM Oracles hold both a personal and collective Ideal to coexist with all living things in as healthy a manner as is humanly possible.



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