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Blog Conflict Week Fall 2020

Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding. — Albert Einstein

It is Conflict Week and as nature would have it, our country is at odds that defy being able to draw logical conclusions. We are currently unable to agree which conditions represent Truth, to a farcical degree. In 2016, we elected the biggest human personification of Ego that existed in our country as our President, setting in motion a clash of Ego and Soul energies among our population that reverberates through each of us. If you follow the news, it seems most countries in the World are facing their own Ego/Soul conditions, which are all being brought to light for public and personal evaluation. As members of the human race, we each contain both of these energies - Ego and Soul - but we aren’t often as aware of them as we could be. Frequently, we fail to fully understand how these energies support and/or harm our lives and the power that lies in being aware of their intentions in any given moment.

In early 2020, our collective Ego Energies took an unanticipated hit, allowing our Soul Energies to gain advantage momentum. No matter who you are in the world, you were guided to become instantly more aware of your body, your resources, and your ability to control your environment. Our varied approaches to these forced conditions can be best examined from using two simple scales: one for the Soul Energy and one for the Ego Energy. We have the ability to move back and forth between the two scales all day long as we make decisions, and unless we are being intentional, we don’t spend time in awareness of which scale we are reacting from at any given moment. Deciphering which scale our own reactions are coming from helps us determine where another person might be coming from, increasing healthy communication and decreasing the chances that defensiveness will derail understanding, even in disagreements.

For many, the pandemic produced an instant fight or flight response, with members of our communities scrambling to find ways to meet their most immediate basic needs. That added to the staggering amount of people who were already living their lives in an extended version of fight or flight, pushing us metaphorically “over the edge” when it comes to having Common Sense. At the point the frontal lobe becomes detached from the brain, the ability to reason becomes compromised, and a survival instinct begins operating in its place. There is another, more ego-based contingent of people who engage their fight or flight reaction, not in response to securing basic needs and safeties, but in response to losing control of things they mistakenly believed were in their grasp. We have a LOT of people living in both of these conditions right now.

Let me say that again…..We have a LOT of people living in both conditions right now….

Most of us live in some form of denying the mental crisis that being in extended fight or flight mode produces. It’s like expecting an addict to respond to the pleas of a loved one, “if you love me you will quit”, as if it is a simple choice and nothing more. The basic fact that an addict’s reasoning is compromised is excluded from the perspective and judgment often takes its place, exacerbating the issue. People who are functioning in fight or flight mode, real or imagined, are incredibly difficult to affect without being able to touch them in some way. If we can recognize a person in crisis when we see it, we can keep ourselves focused on our Soul Scale - knowing better and doing better - for those who aren’t equipped to do the same. Take a moment to evaluate your reactions and notice whether they are coming from a space that contains more Ego energy or more Soul energy, reminding yourself that both are equally valid and necessary.

If we examine the Pandemic itself from both an Ego and a Soul-based perspective, we can see the value in each, and the paradox that exists naturally when both scales are engaged. Our Egos become attached to our immediate environment, our friends and family, and how we are going to cope with the stress and the loss we are facing. We can dig deep into the feelings that connect us all during difficult times, or we can find ourselves arguing for our rights and bucking things imposed on us that we don’t want to accept. Our Souls offer a different spin on the situation, focusing on the natural evolution of our planet and our people. From the Soul perspective, the Pandemic, like climate change, is a natural progression, and can be viewed as Nature’s way of clearing the energetic debris that isn’t serving us. That concept can seem callous compared to its Ego-centered counterpart, but the reality is that both of these perspectives help us see the world, and our own role in it, more clearly, even though the perspectives can be vastly different.

2020 represents perfect vision. We may not WANT to be seeing things as clearly as we are being forced to right now, but it definitely appears that we NEED to. If you are NOT a person stuck in some degree of fight or flight mode, you are being given the opportunity to look at the people around you and be aware of where and how you can offer help. The options are endless, and the needs keep growing. The more we know ourselves, the more we are able to handle the conflict in and around us.



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