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QuanBlog Bonus: Dissolving Ego To Maximize Soul - Winter 2020

Know which conscious sacrifices are worth making---our souls' major duty is evolution. Experiences happen for a reason, yet reason can be our egos' last stand. Like Custer we see every challenge as an 'others' - a savage happening, something or someone out of our 'control'.

On first blush the soul looks savage, suggesting surrender instead of fighting. Rationalizing behaviors because that's what we've seen, but that's an incorrect view of soul. Our souls exist for very little outside of purporting us to grow---where love exists, you can feel love is tagging along like a younger sibling who adores their older one.

Our souls protect and guide our egos to create safer spaces for everyone involved. It's usually when our wounds haven't been tended for far too long that our minds contort and twist our stories beyond our souls' reach. We experienced a Civil War, January 6, September 11. Our nation was founded on freedom, while owning slaves. We have been run by greedy young souls. Instead of any apology for the 'peculiar institution', aka a ‘chattel slavery’. Not only did the South erected monuments to the traitors, the rebels., they reworked the story that the Civil War was a Lost Cause, ‘states rights’. Now, 165 years later ‘The Big Lie’ of 2021 voter fraud is added as a white supremist narrative to disenfranchise urban (code for black and brown) voters. Our nation is still refusing to acknowledge that our wealth and ascendancy onto the world’s stage was built on free slave labor, the three-fifths compromise and complicity of Northern businesses. No apology, still, no study of slavery’s effects demonstrates how young and selfish our nation continues to be. For those who live more from a communal identity, it is especially painful. It is through the soul scale’s connection to evolution, everyone’s growth, that this wound can begin to be meaningfully acknowledged. Taking down Confederate monuments and other symbolic acts means little without constructive policies. As such, it is beyond time to transform every human being from hyperindiviualism based on white supremacist belief to equitable sharing of our resources based upon conscious soul (collective) values. Operating from our souls requires a dissolution of egocentricity based solely upon tribal thinking.

Some of us are done with rationalizing others' inconsiderate behaviors. Some have decided to intend to live freely within our own souls and those who have similar experiences. In the realm of the soul time exists through our intentions. Intention is a well sought after virtue. From an unaware ego, these intentions are usually labeled naïve at best, crazy at worst. It can be a cause of ending friendships or close relationships. Remember, though, our souls center upon growth. Rotten teeth must be pulled before they infect the entire body. As we live from our souls, inert or stagnant relationships end or they transform.

Our egos can see transformation as a death sentence---because it is---unless our souls can create a safe space for these transitions to occur. That's why older souls can tap into their resilience with more ease. Instead of a snarky 'been there, done that', older souls take a deep dive into the reason behind any ego perceived 'setbacks'. Our souls does not see time as linear or something that can be wasted---these are ego constructs to keep you susceptible to guilt and shame which are foundations of our Judeo-Christian religious structures (Islam too). Once you recognize your inner authority that's inclusive and non judgmental and do your awaring regularly--your world blossoms in an alignment to wholeness. Everyone has room to grow at their own pace. Coexisting, living, loving and letting others live beams from the unwounded parts of your heart.



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