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This Week's Pillar: Emotion - Our Feelings Are Our Weather Indicators
Emotion Week creates the space to understand how and why we feel they way we do about anything -- even if it seems out of place. When we allow ourselves true access to our emotions, we become active and alive inside ourselves in a way that can only be described by feeling it. When we spend our time trying to keep our feelings hidden, we aren't able to see how much support they consistently offer to our daily lives.

Try This: Check in on your reactions to the things that happen around you. Become an observer of your breathing patterns and your blood pressure when you are hit with something new or unexpected. It doesn't matter whether the thing is good or bad, just take notice of the internal physical reactions. Do they remind you of anything from your past that remains complicated in your mind? If so, take a deep breath, acknowledge the emotional connection, and ask it to let go... When we are in touch with how we feel, life becomes more joyful overall.

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      Enter the ORM Arena:
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 Ancient Advice From Apollo's Temple at Delphi:

Know Thyself
Nothing to Excess

    Surety Brings Ruin   


Find your center, wherever you are and

discover your authentic creative spirit within the ORM Arena!

 The Emotion Pillar -- Weekly Video
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Find your Center with ORM! Tavish Carduff and/or Quan Tracy Cherry discuss the weekly focus and the magical ways in which the practice itself changes the way you feel about your life. The 12 Pillars become a fun part of living daily life as it replaces feelings of shame, anxiety, stress (the list is endless....) and replaces them with curiosity!

Bonus Video

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12 Pillars for Clarity

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Water, Breath & Alignment


Study yourself. Your impressions are the roots of everything!

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