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QuanBlog Intention/Aligning with Intention Spring 2021

Summing up Our Raw Material (ORM) is paradoxically an easy and difficult task. Our intention is to be whole, to exist in wholeness through an awaring process. Awaring requires a watchful consciousness that you practice. Thoughts are powerful through their ability to create intention. An intention can allow your soul to report your feelings about why you do what you do. These preceding thoughts before acting or responding can put energy towards intention.

Do you react to others without pausing to reflect on your relationship to them? Do you have a story that you are the way you are because of your gender, race, class, ethnicity or environment? An intention of an unexamined ego can be to keep you separate, reactionary and looping in fear. Fear is effective at drowning out our soul’s voice. Fear blinds us to our soul's intention. Through living solely for ego, we cease to exist with others in any meaningful or profound way. However, to make coexisting healthily with other humans as a major intention has the effect of blowing the heart wide open. You can begin to feel the entire human existence as your heart beats within your body. Your body starts to heal and wholeness is realized.

Sometimes the words intention, aim or goals are used interchangeably, however their meanings can be quite different. For example: I did not know that a medical definition of intention is the healing of a wound (think Ignorance Week 4). When we see ourselves as separate from others we start or continue a wounding process. The more we perceive life through the ego alone, the more salt is thrown into our proverbial wounds. It appears from the ego's perspective that we are regressing. Yet when ego receives balance from our souls, we experience an overview of our lessons. We breathe, accept and coexist. Our souls represent our source of life--our inherent unity, our sharing the same access to our raw material. This sharing illuminates the joy and harmony inherent in our relationships. Would we need laws if we all adhered to the basic principles of sharing and empathy?

Some metaphysicians state that the cutting of the umbilical cord can begin this wound of unresolved anger. We need to separate from our mothers. This cutting symbolizes the uniqueness of parental love. Love is about unity. Parental love is about separation. How we were treated as children often shows up in how we treat our partners, friends, coworkers, etc. How do we align with an intention for harmony? Look at your Resources (the week that falls in between Intention and Aligning With Intention). The more your consciousness is balanced on the soul scale, listening to your soul’s voice, the more protected you feel, the more your abundance is realized and sustained. Fear lessens; love grows. Anger melts; peace flows.

When birth becomes a mostly male dominated practice (read: ego-focused),our sense of honoring the source of life (read: soul) is thwarted and wounded. There are those who consciously rebirth themselves (meditating and/or reliving on their own birth). Their intention, I suppose, would be healing and wholeness. Aligning with this intention is calling up the psychologist, doula or healer to perform the rebirthing process. Rituals of all kinds are created to bring our intentions out of the realm of the unseen (and thought to be magical) into the realm of the seen. We are learning in this century to lose the hierarchical (read: patriarchal) belief that the unseen is somehow less than the seen. (Does anybody fully understand Quantum Physics?) Practitioners of these types of healing rituals offer a strong glimpse into the community wholeness promised by the Age of Aquarius. We have immense knowledge (and access); universal intentions abound. Yet, the alignment of intention involves putting intention + values/ideals into practice. Hopefully in Values & Ideals (Week 7) you differentiated a collective thought belief from your action. Yes, I intend to have the most soul thoughts and feelings. My alignment shows through how I consciously respond in my daily world. We are leaving the Pisces Age where sins are absolved by an impersonal intercessor. We are each learning to live with opportunities for connected awaring of our souls. If you like, you may do this awaring by having a dialogue between your ego and conscience. Hesitatingly, I use ‘conscience’ because it can seem like a kissing cousin to ‘judgement’ or ‘moralizing’. Our souls do not judge. An intention of wholeness is coexistence, love and acceptance. Hierarchies, sin, guilt and shame have no place on the soul scale of ORM, only recognizing (awaring) the aliveness moment to moment.

Whenever a client wants to (intends) a new relationship, I ask them to perform one or two exercises. Divide a blank sheet into four squares. Each square represents a different (egocentric) plane of existence---spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. Reflect on the qualities in a partner that they’d want on each of these levels. Flip the paper over and concentrate on which qualities that they possess on the plane of existence. The intentions are the qualities either possessed or desired, the writing it on paper is the beginning of the alignment.

Becoming aware of an awaring to make conscious of this first wound can cause intense anger. This anger can turn into rage; we allow ourselves to be primarily controlled by the defensive and separating ego. Our souls that we are all interconnected. In an ideal world, our souls keep offering us clues about this shared rootedness with every living being. Sitting in this unexamined anger may cause our egos to act from fear. There’s a part of being that remembers how we coexisted together, a metaphorical Garden of Eden.



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