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TavBlog.Mentors Week.Winter 2020

Happy Solstice!

The planetary alignments have many of us stirred up and it seems we are largely anticipating a noticeable change of some sort. I challenge us to imagine what we want that change to be and put it out into the universe with intention. Be as specific as you want. I have started a personal list for the ego-based changes I would like for my immediate environment and myself, as well as a humanitarian list for the soul-based changes I would like to see manifest for all of us, which I will burn tonight in our annual winter solstice bonfire. There is no end to the creative options we can visualize for our futures, and any intentional effort will create a vibration that resonates into the Universe.

Last winter, when I looked at the planetary positions we were facing for January 2020, I could only form the idea that we were about to encounter “Big Lessons on a Big Stage”. I knew that we were going to face conditions that would affect most of our human population, but I could not have conceived the conflicting perspectives of Reality and Truth that this 2020 vision would eventually produce. Now that our eyes are open in so many new directions, we can’t unsee the things that have been revealed. We have received a collective education on a very grand scale when it comes to the coronavirus, social issues, body awareness and grief. Mental health and addiction issues are also rising in focus as their need for immediate attention rivals the other issues before us.

I encourage each of us to consider the many ways that 2020 has shown up as a Mentor in our lives. That is, look to the lessons that have presented the most often in your life this year, positive . I believe that we each learn a lot every year, but this one has claimed center stage in terms of our collective growth. I know that we are at divisive odds with our beliefs and our interpretations of facts and science, but the prevailing Soul Truth is that we have more people intentionally seeking this type of information than we ever have. Whether it’s rooted in fear, hope, proving someone else wrong, or making our own case that we are right, there appears to be an opportunity for real transformation among the human race.

Our ugliness is “out there” for examination, as is our beauty, and the opinions regarding which is which are both myriad and personal. We have each been snapped into our bodies in various ways, leaving us face to face with ourselves and our individual patterns - especially if 2020 has impacted our habitual strides. If we make the effort to explore those patterns and how/why they were formed, the roots will almost always lead us back to one or more of our Mentors. Our most ingrained qualities have been shaped and formed around the ideas and habits of those who taught us, those we admire, and those we dislike, whether the influence was direct or otherwise. Simply put, anyone that had an impact on how we navigate our thoughts has served as one of our Mentors. The last time I did the Mentors writing prompt, I counted 116 mentors in my first 18 years of age. 116 people whose own pattern(s) became woven into my own in some fashion, leaving a connection in my root system and contributing to the person I continue to become every day.

On December 21, 2020, I celebrate my own Wholeness by honoring the Mentors who have shaped my path. I am who I am because they are who they are, and I am grateful for the opportunity to see this more clearly with each new session of Our Raw Material. Thank you for joining us.

With gratitude,

Tavish Carduff



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