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TavBlog Values and Ideals Week Winter 2020

I continue to value the time I spend thinking and talking within the framework Our Raw Material provides for illuminating the human condition. Ideally, the concept will catch on and more people will be able to enjoy the comfort of deepening their self-knowledge in this cyclical, natural way. I could easily get caught up in trying to promote this work because my ego is pushing (screaming!) for it, but I know it’s more important that I lean into the soul side with it as my confidence grows around its power. Focusing and ‘awaring’ around my own truths has opened the door to what is possible, but I know I am still standing at the door. I value being able to stand in that open doorway and encourage everyone I come in contact with to honor that space and move freely between their ego and soul energies as we each adjust to new ways of operating in a permanently shifted world.

Our values set the stage for what gets the spotlight in our lives. If we are clear about what we value, it becomes easier to make decisions that line up to the things we want. As an adult, I have valued our common connection as human beings and embraced the ways and means to serve it with the care and compassion it has provided me over the years. This behavior hasn’t always been intentional, but looking back on where I have placed my time and energy, I can pick out the running thread that ties those moments together with strong emotions.

Our Raw Material aims to reframe certain terms (like Mentors) so that they become a more active part of our living, helping us better realize our intentions and manifest our dreams. ORM defines our values as our ideas around what is important in life; identifying where we actually place our time and energy in our daily lives. When I first sat down to create this list for myself, I listed everything that I thought I valued. By the next session I had become aware that although I cared about each of the items on my list, they weren’t all part of what actually gets attention in my life. With each new session, my list has changed just a little, adjusting to current circumstances in my life, and my increasing understanding of what they might mean.

When it comes to ideals, the ORM connotation is simple: The best our imagination can offer to a situation; where we would like to see our common energy focused and thriving. I know this is a slight deviation from Webster’s take, but ORM strives to elevate the human experience by placing considered intention around our personal ideals for ourselves and others. (Family lore says we are related to Noah, so I’m taking creative license with the definition, hoping he’ll be pleased with the intention). There is so much energy swirling around in our world, and depending on how our thoughts are structured, we can be pulling in anything from fear, shame and anxiety, to the ability to heal ourselves and others. I believe the possibilities are endless. We are able to shift seamlessly between positive and negative thoughts and energies, but it’s not difficult to “stuck” navigating them without even realizing that it happened.

Clarity around values and ideals eases the mind and supports the relaxation the body needs to scan for tension and rejuvenate as needed, naturally. Want to up your tension-releasing game this week? Pick out songs from your past that contain messages that reach directly into your soul. Dance to them. Let the things that truly matter to you take center stage.



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