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Values & Ideals Blog - Fall 2020

From Quan:

“One thing that Trump definitely did for our country is shown how much ignorance and hate is out there, seething under the surface for years, and while many people want to put that genie back in the bottle, maybe it’s time to address the problem instead of hiding it.” by The Good Men Project

Begin with tolerance, acceptance & coexistence...not of hurtful behavior or speech, but of your potential reactions.

From the soul's perspective, it is not a binary...good or bad. It is a both/and. Set goals for your evolution (which is a main reason I became a practicing spiritualist---to grow).

Our souls live outside of linear time & space. We have all the time in the world to 'get it'. It's our ego that desires to voyeuristically watch every step.

In the meanwhile use today's & tomorrow's Sagittarius Moon to dream (I'm)possible dreams with an alchemical mixture of optimism and realism!

From Tavish:

I voted at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City this morning. When my husband first suggested it, my answer was a resounding No. As I tossed him the reasons why I wouldn’t, (I had to be at work early, it was a long drive, there would be lines, it was going to be cold, it was not what I planned, etc), he enthusiastically pointed out everything that would be cool about it, and most importantly, how much the cool things line up with my values and where I like to put my energy.

It’s incredible how quickly we can dismiss things that are good for us when our initial reaction doesn’t recognize what we are doing. He had to ask me at least 3 additional times before I finally agreed to vote at Arrowhead, and I will probably spend the rest of the election cycle thanking him for sticking in there and changing my mind.

It was such an amazing experience and it’s hard to remember that if I had done what I wanted, I would have missed it! Seeing the stadium early in the morning, watching the sun come up while we were standing in line, and seeing our city's Mayor, the KC Wolf and our Head Coach out in support of the event were more than enough to make being there very special. As I learned a little more about the decision to use Arrowhead as a polling place, I learned that Patrick Mahomes was part of the original idea and that he went into own pocket to make it happen. He seemingly lets his own values and ideals dictate the many ways he expresses his love for our city, and his enthusiasm has kept a lot of spirits up as we navigate these unprecedented difficulties. We could all take a page from the Mahomes book of honoring values and striving for ideals.



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