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Purposing Our Raw Material (ORM)

Awakening to allowing our immediate environment to show us how much our souls speak to us. Our soul acts as a Protector. Our souls’ Voice speaks through ‘synchronicities’ aka ‘random occurrences’. The soul protects, speaks so we may be conscious of maintaining our equilibrium. We seek to balance our individual ego and body with the need for our souls to evolve. This can be seen as the Scale. As we embody and maintain conscious equilibrium---usually through accepting every moment as a teachable one in the nuanced art of Wholeness---we begin to feel in a more profound way---our soul's energies. Feeling this requires time, suspension of disbelief and awareness of our connection to our environment and everyone else.

These four aspects of our soul/ego balance to equilibrium to harmony are Protector, Voice, Scale and Energy. They can occur randomly, linearly or simultaneously. Their major purpose is consistent self-monitoring. It is important to release doubts about the size of the ‘happening’ or ‘synchronicity’; resisting the temptation (of our egos) to think we’re making it up. Our souls conspire to have us evolve. Even if your imagination gets the best of you, realize that’s the waste, not your time. From the Protective vantage point of our souls no time is ever wasted---only our imagination and our refusal to create time and space for our soul’s voice to flourish and guide.

‘Inner truth can be a challenge to master ', or is that just a belief promoted by those who want to give your inner authority over to them? Feeling guilt? Shame? Embarrassment? Fear? Anxiety? These are indicators of an over invested ego in being right or seen in a certain way---or my nemesis ‘playing a role’. An unassigned role can be the worst. But, one you’ve chosen or allowed (usually because you don’t want to ‘rock the boat’ or seen as ‘too sensitive’) can be the most challenging to deconstruct or integrate into your awareness. Like an onion, there can be many layers before you get to the root cause of these energies.

Know you are Protected.

Know you can hear your Soul’s Voice.

Realize you have innate skill at creating and maintaining a healthy equilibrium---between your inner and outer world to Scale.

Trust in your body’s awareness and perception of Energies be they visible or invisible.

Even seen a feeling or thought? Or do we see behavior or speech? Do we feel the energy or intention behind speech (either words spoken or heard?) Do we set an intention before we speak to another person? If not, why not? If so, how so? How can we become sensitized to our soul’s energies?

That Ego/Soul balance imagined in Wholeness can be a pendeja (idiot) to maintain.

So much so---I hear tell that Time is not wasted--Imagination Is.

Our magical light aka imagination is burned…as in ‘burning daylight’.

Your first mentors aka Parents are going to wound you. That is their job. Yep, imagine that your parents put in the buttons to push later repeatedly. No matter how old you are your parents created, hold and use the keys to unlock your darkness compulsions. Blaming anyone else is ultimately on us. Are you living in fear? Are you living in creation? Are you looking at all the problems or possibilities? Did your Partors (Parents/Mentors) teach you to use your mind to see only differences? Did they speak ill of those who looked, behaved, believed or simply had another set of ‘values’? Are ‘personal preferences’ and ‘values’ different? If so, how? Was there an undercurrent of ‘do as I say, not as I do’ in your early environment? What does ‘heart motivation' mean to you? Is ‘heart motivation’ the same as intention? If so, how? How often do we use our ethnicity, race, gender, birth order as an excuse for our behaviors? It’s my German or Italian heritage that---

I remember that growing up whoever turned on the record player or TV had control over it that entire evening---to this day I do not know if the Saturday cartoons captivated me as much as there were supposed for a boy my age or that no one was awake for me to compete with to turn on the TV. To this day, Whenever I hear ‘A Star Is Born’ soundtrack.

Several months ago a close friend lost her husband. She often remarked how similar our music tastes were similar (both being born in Detroit, on the same day, but different years). She visited during Music week for this Summer season of ORM. The next day iI was moved to send her a song. It was his favorite song by this group called Incognito!

My nourishing mind and loving Math growing up. It was encouraged, much to my dismay. My Mentors easily turned into Tormentors---they were simply proud of me---their honor student and sixth generation out of the trauma of slavery. Ideals of our country (freedom) versus our values (Second Amendment).

Contemplate the phrase: ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’.

Our work is to unwind (add light to) ourthe wounds).LocateGo to the roots of your suffering. Breathe. Open your minds to the possibilities of what your wounds teach usyou. What did you hear repeatedly growing up? ‘I brought you into this world & I can take you out!’ ‘Police are not to be immediately trusted”. “Police (particularly white men in any authoritative position) are to be suspected first”.

Driving while Black (or fill in the blank).

‘No pain, no gain’---where’s the joy? Do you mean to tell me that we cannot learn lessons from joy and gratitude? Our spirituality does not have to followhave follow those paths of renunciation. How do we stop and smell the proverbial roses? Or how do we enrich our lives through feasting instead of fasting? Can we not do both? Our Mentors show us how to live life (or not), so it’s valuable to be aware of their varied influences.

Mentors hurt. Mentors heal. This truth is compoundedParticularly when you become your own Mentor. When you daily practice ORM or any other contemplate methods, you translate darkness from your ego and its shadow, producing tendencies into light. You continue to see whole, inclusive possibilities. You see the game for what it is---evolution and involution.

Each of us have these bodies that can easily become caught in the numerous distractions from our pleasure and pain cycles. I like to imagine our Gods/Goddesses (higher selves) downloading into our crown chakras---giving us ecstatic experiences. Too lofty? Then, make time to go out into your favorite park. Leave your phone in the car. Sit. Breathe. Repeat as necessary. Ask your frequency to get in tune with the Earth’s frequency. The next time there is a conflict---contemplate this---All external conflict mirrors an internal one. All judge-ment is self judge-ment. Remember that road and good intentions. Forgive self first and then do so for those who contributed to who you are---one mentor at a time

How appropriate in Ignorance Week I was not keeping up with which week was what. As a conceptual system ORM has loads of patience. And, during the last week of the beginning signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn), this fourth week is like a clean up batter in baseball. The season (as well as your recognition of your soul’s voice eeking through more) has fully begun. Once we all get to the fifth week of Feelings, we have to acknowledge (hopefully so) another’s perspective and/or attitude. If we accept what we don’t know & do not judge by physical appearances only, we can ride the waves of Feeling Week with less extremes. We can feel our feet at the beach shifting with each wave instead of a squall or tsunami from within ourselves in reaction to others…and God forbid reacting with more Feeling than a situation calls for. It is helpful to imagine this week connects to Weeks One and Nine, Mentors and Intentions. Through pausing and breathing to feel how we were taught (or not) to express our feelings in early childhood or setting intentions before any and all conversations with others can set a solid foundation or boundary around our feelings.

As I write this the nursery rhyme of Humpty Dumpty comes to my awareness…

Feelings often are sourced from childhood---so let’s go!

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

All the King’s horses and all the King’s men

Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

Horses still represent power and movement. Once our ancestors began to ride them, their world became smaller. Imagining a horse and working with their spirits requires sensitivity. Our emotional body connects to this majestic animal. The king would have the best horses, yes? It took something other than his majesty and his horses to heal the egg that was Humpty. We go through 11 weeks/pillars but our Wholeness (no matter how we fall or break) is always available. Typically, our healing requires deconstructing or letting go of false beliefs and half truths about how magnificent we actually are. It is us that leaves the Cosmic Unity aka Wholeness.

Leaders listen. We all have to learn at one time or life or another to listen without inner ear. This ear is bound and wound around our soul's voice. Sure, through our physical body and ego's Protector energies, we become enthralled with the outer world and its propensity to see duality. Anytime you contemplate good or bad or God and Devil or us versus them---

you've allowed the ego's shadow to enter. Like sugar it is sweet these thoughts. However as you learn and live with those experiences of how you forgot yourself and your innate wholeness, you remember the connectio

ns--our soul's perspective and it's Protector energies.

Leaders live and balance the past with the future in the present---

This is precisely why the Re-prefix rules (pun def intended 🤣). We cease drinking from the fountain of forgetfulness. We awaken. W

e woke. In this state we put our souls back together with our ego. We take the long view---one that scans aeons! We allow omnipotence to download into our bodies. We Re-member. We allow our heart's realities to rule. We re-integrate our massive intellects into the open spaces of our hearts. We participate in life and observe. How about Reflecting or Re-flecting. What is 'Flecting'? Perhaps a kissing cousin or Flexing lol? A point is that the baby and the bath water are preserved. Know your past and how those who rely upon your work and service perceive their individual histories. Honor these stories no matter how much you may disagree. Matter of fact the bigger the chasm of Values & Ideals between you and another the more your heart and mind are called upon to open. Closed hearts and minds are untenable, rigid and dogmatic---normally it takes larger forces to intervene.

Become distant--superior thinking and elitism result. There's no lasting or real joy in these aspirations. Typically, there's an anticipation of others envisioning your 'fall from grace'. Those you see (or use) on the way up, you'll see on your way down. It is a form of how we use our arrogance to separate ourselves. We perceive ourselves as 'special'. We forget or repress the desire to re member our ourselves. We are whole beings connected to our Source of unity and rooted in oneness. Golden living ala Jill Scott.

How do you practice being 'reserved'?

Re-serve. How can you see the sweet lessons in your losses? How would you re-serve the relationship or circumstance? Allow these four months of Equilibrium Inducing Venus in Leo ♌️ to aid in joyous reserving---let your re-flected upon feeling be your guide.

Like an ideal I have is to subscribe to The Root (a newsletter and publication devoted to Black Americans). I remember how much Essence and Ebony were revered in the late 60’s and 70’s. Susan Taylor (first editor of Essence) coined the phrase ‘party with a purpose’. This impacted me. She was an indirect mentor (someone I had met physically, but wish I had)--an ideal. Segregation caused my foreparents to be more self-determining and self-reliant. In an ideal world, we would have had the same intergenerational wealth and current capital---but as a collective American value---not effing so. This split between what we idealize as a people ‘we shall overcome’ and what happens in the ‘real’ world of folx ‘putting their money where their mouths are’ can cause a ego split of massive proportions. Ideally, again, there should be a ‘blaming of the victim’ or ‘respectability politics’, but we have not come from enough ‘soul’ unity or ‘awaring’ to get beyond or transcend the need to look at the rap sheet of Michael Brown or Philando Castille. Hell, in an ideal world ‘Black Lives Matter’ would not need to exist. Neither would reparations--another word that begins with re-!



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