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What Do You Know--Really?

Our Raw Material gives a view into your larger or macro picture with your personal micro picture. ‘As above, so below’ is called the Law of Correspondence. As an early bible thumper (raised Jehovah’s Witness), I knew that many of the ‘Christian’ holidays had Pagan roots—this is the major reason we didn’t celebrate them. What I didn’t know until I left this cult-adjacent religion was that the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ also contains Pagan DNA—’let your will take place on Earth as it is in Heaven’. If we can allow our egos to accept that Heaven is Our Sky and the big picture, we can relax on Earth, yes? Our Sky is an AstrORM connection to Our Spiritual Body found in Music, Listening and Resources Weeks 2, 6, 10, respectively.

After I left the practice of being a Jehovah’s Witness, I was majorly ignorant of what I valued. All of my life I had either been against ‘the world’ or rebelling internally against the religion of my childhood. It was a shock to learn that most people did not care what I believed or whether I went to church or knocked on doors, they simply liked me for me. It was quite a revelation (bible pun intended) to learn that I could be invited to a holiday event and ask what was expected of me–life became easy, less intense and had more flow. I was not aware of how others lived their lives without knowing Jehovah. Once I dropped some of the rigidity about what others valued, I was able to have a more inclusive life. To this day, I am still deconstructing my beliefs about what I think folx ought to prioritize–praise be to ORM.

Imagine a Christian religion that does not worship (place high value upon) the Cross. No crucifixion. Imagine a Christian religion that had to rebrand (even before that was a thing) itself Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses because many of the ‘worldly’ (what everyone but JW’s were called much like Jews & Gentiles) did not know (were ignorant of) their being a Christian religion. Can you think of organized Christianity without a cross? Doesn’t it have a connection to the four directions of paganism? I suspect, but do not know for sure—and our question for this week, I am choosing not to Google it as it may disturb the flow of our soul’s voice. It is important as we practice ORM to learn quickly how our egos can interfere with a natural process of accessing all the wisdom (and love) we need from within–moment to moment. We have within us the sacred cows ready (and begging) to be turned over. Acts of irreverence (like synchronicities abound to illuminate how our souls demonstrate its self-evident truths—again, moment to moment. ‘What is truth?’ asked Pontius Pilate to Christ. Dunno know, I am ignorant of the truth, but I do know the truth ain’t fixed. It be fluid. (Just in case you don’t know, ‘be’ is intentionally used instead of ‘is’ because the ‘be’ verb in this context represents a constant.) Truth starts and ends from within.

The last time I stayed with my Jehovah’s Witness brother it was during the Harmonic Convergence in August, 1987. I walked into his house and I felt sad. I left his house and I no longer felt sad. He forbade me to play Prince’s song that I believe he had written for the We Are The World album. It was called The Cross. Even the statement, ‘Father, forgive them, they know not what they do’ is based upon the acceptance of Ignorance. I did not openly challenge my brother. I played the song in my car on my way to work instead. Through staying with him and his wife that summer, I learned how to trust my energetic observations of the environment. I ceased believing that somehow my inner voice was Satan aligned because I had been told that almost all my life. Remember that Ignorance is connected to Conflict and Wholeness. It is a physical week. As I spent time with my sister-in-law, I realized how unhappy she was. My brother was ignorant of her needs (he worked a lot to provide). Their marriage ended a year or so afterwards. She confided secrets to me that to this day my brother has no idea I know. When our father died almost 20 years later, she reached out (even though the religion forbade her not too–ego/soul conflict). Stating simply that my compassion for her failing marriage to my brother was a light for her. She wanted to return the favor. I had little to no idea the power of listening. To this day, I do not know (am Ignorant of) why she signed my name in my ‘Astrology & Past Lives’ book. To some JW’s that would be considered an heretical act. Sigh, in Wholeness there is no forgiveness. In Wholeness there is accepting, allowing and awaring. Embracing every moment as evolutionary from within and involutionary from without. Seeing our souls as divine agents thirsty to thrive on having this seemingly separate physical body is a revolutionary and irreverent act. Again, we have sacred cows waiting to be pushed over

Our Raw Material allows all of us to look back and reflect upon what our larger beliefs have been and why. Once we begin to accept the Ignorance (particularly of the unexamined nature of our belief system–ala Thoreau–unexamined life not worth living or something like that), we can start to allow for other people’s mistakes. What if we gave everyone of another belief system an ‘Ignorance Pass’ IP). This IP would be based upon our Soul’s voice which is sourced in acceptance. ‘You never know’ would be its energetic current. Let’s pause and breathe together in these feelings which can clear up any sticky energetic debris of judgements based on jumping to conclusions.

ORM may be considered a calling aka vocation. Our Souls are on the end of the line or screen of our smartphones. Even those who are not fortunate enough to have these amazing devices have the right stuff to connect to their innate wisdom. We are learning in these more ‘fortunate’ nations to look inside, to manage our prosperity and to reduce our carbon footprint. These are what’s called ‘First World Problems’. Like Black Lives, our Souls Matter. Our souls live through our physical bodies—within, ideally clearing a pathway to acknowledging our Wholeness. Our collective egos have had enough of the split between ego and soul, the excessive domination and focus upon ego. You could even say that the death of George Floyd (and others, for sure!) was an ego sacrifice to our souls’ centering upon our growth. Once woke, what we here at ORM call ‘awaring’, you cannot go back to sleep. It is important though, that you recognize our slow your progress will almost always seem to your ego, but from our soul’s viewpoint, it is lessons learned that gives the gold star or turns your heart purple (or whatever your fav heart color you send to others via emojis).



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